Before you hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner.............

Finding the right cleaner is very important because the service you receive is only as good as the people who provide it.

There are many things you should consider before hiring someone to clean your carpets for you:

Obtain references from your friends and industry Trade Organizations, and check the recommendations given by past customers.

Check if there are any complaints against the Carpet Cleaner on record in the local Consumer Affairs Office or the Better Business Bureau.

Review the written guarantees and forms beforehand, defining the stains which might not be cleanable. If you are not fully satisfied with the terms, you have the option of choosing another cleaner.

Find out the cleaning methods to be used. What to check for: Do they offer truck-mounted Hot Water Extraction, combination of Hot Water Extraction and Shampoo, or do they have some kind of agitating device for cleaning highly-soiled carpets? If carpet protector treatment is offered, is it to be applied AFTER the cleaning process?

The pricing may be a deciding factor, also. Beware of deals which sound too good to be true - they often are!

Does the firm offer standard pricing? There might be a special price for cleaning highly-soiled carpets, expensive rugs, add-ons, and for applying special treatments.

The following factors may affect pricing: Type of carpet, amount of soiling, cleaning method, area to be cleaned, add-ons requested, number of steps to be cleaned, is moving furniture involved, pickup and delivery of carpets for in-plant cleaning.

Find out if the Carpet Cleaner is affiliated with a Professional Organization that offers technical training or support.

“We use Cape Carpet exclusively at our marina.  We trust his attention to detail and especially his  thoroughness while cleaning our yachts.”

Dave W. - Cape May, NJ

My carpets looked almost new when you finished.  And I thought I was going to have to replace them.  Thanks, Matt, for  saving me a lot of work and expense!”

Judy B. - Cape May, NJ